About Artist

Setsuko's Gallery

Things are always chattering about in my space, so many things happening around me. These many varied circumstances, fortunately, I am able to find most of these layers of life's circumstances engaging, thought worthy, and with humor. This easily amused approach leads to no shortage of imaginative possible subject matter.

I am drawn to particular objects, places, things and landscapes. Varied material for content.  I do have consistent thoughts and approaches to whatever I decide to paint.

Above all, I love light. More specifically, the play of light on any number of places and things. A bottle, a landscape, a storefront window, or a flower all have a rich play of light, shadow, color and texture.

Minimal brush stroke texture, a smooth surface, thin layers of paint allow me to add an incredible amount of detail I can work in. I love a kaleidoscopic play of bright, clear, smooth and finely layered color in every piece I paint.

Stylistically, I think of myself almost more of an illustrator. Also I like to play with 2D and 3D illusions. When I paint a still life, I like to make my objects look round but when I paint landscape I treat the trees like the flat stage settings. I believe that I paint all my landscape to be a part of story book I am hoping to start and finish someday.....like Setsuko in a wonderland.

​Setsuko Lawson